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Thank you for taking interest in who I am,

and more importantly how I may serve you.

As a student of life,

I am constantly seeking answers to 

some of our greatest questions:

Who are we? 

What is our purpose? 

Where did we come from? 

How did we get here? 

But most importantly, 

What can we do to make this world a better place? 

As an artist, a motivational speaker, 

and aspiring guru; 

I believe humanity can overcome any obstacle. 

Each one of us has a higher purpose 

and endless potential.  

For several years I have been performing 

live music around the southeast, 

with Atlanta being my hometown. 

I love to sing and compose music, 

with my instruments being 

guitar, ukulele and piano.

Every weekend you can find me 

somewhere around Atlanta 

playing and singing an eclectic mixture of 

popular covers and uplifting originals.

I also play with a band called,

 “Acoustic Encouragement”.

We are available for booking 

and love to bring the feel good music 

to any event in need!

Find out more at About The Band.

Recently, I graduated from 

International School of Skin, Nail Care & Massage Therapy. 

As a newly certified and licensed Massage Therapist

I have established a service called, 

"Maestro's Global Wellness".

Find out more at Healing Services.

I also enjoy graphic design, photography, 

and custom jewelry making. 

Available at low rates to serve your promotional needs, 

and also to make you something personal and unique.
Find out more at Artistic Services.

Through my experiences I have learned
to see the human body as a highly functioning tool, 

which needs maintenance and constant care.
In an effort to create a healthier life style,
I have been removing unhealthy foods
from my diet, one by one, for the past few years.
Acknowledging that a lifetime of bad habits
can take time to overcome, I strive to incorporate
practical and reasonable solutions
for our global health.

Recently I created a workshop called,
"The Universe Within Us".
Find out more at Healing Services.

To sum it all up I would like to affirm my intentions; 

I strive to encourage global well being, 

self love, and respect for all life.
I achieve this through constant studies,
artistic expression, compassionate acts of service, 
and unconditional positive regard for life.

Sincerely At Your Service,
Yoeshi Roberts

How Can I Serve You?

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